Who We Are

Established in 2006, Tembusu Partners is a leading private equity firm with deep roots in Emerging Asia. We specialise in growth capital and mezzanine investments, and have completed more than S$250 million worth of private equity transactions to date.

We are strategically located in Singapore: the heart of Emerging Asia and a hub for deal-flows in the fast-growing markets of China, India and Southeast Asia. Our deep understanding of Asia’s markets, investment cycles and complex cultural nuances grants us clarity and insight into regional economies.

Our portfolio companies span diverse industries, ranging from education and healthcare to technology and oil & gas. These innovative enterprises are backed by an advisory board and investment committee of well-connected corporate leaders and industry experts, all of whom are dedicated to supporting high-growth business ventures and helping them flourish.

At Tembusu Partners, we unlock value, generate superior risk-adjusted returns and deliver results beyond all expectations – by investing in what we know best.

Mission Statement

At Tembusu Partners, we see our mission from 3 different perspectives:


    Our growth-oriented funds generate superior risk-adjusted returns for stakeholders and empower them to invest with confidence.


    We work closely with innovative and high performing management teams to create value and unlock growth in and beyond Asia.


    The success of our portfolio companies and respect for local communities, help build sustainable employment and empowerment.

Tembusu Tree

Tembusus are very hardy trees which can thrive and bloom even under adverse conditions. A native tree of secondary forest, it is well adapted to grow on poor soils in open areas. A long-lived tree, it can live up to 150 to 200 years. It can reach a height of about 25 metres. Its wood is very hard and resistant to rot and termites. It can be used for making bridges, rafts, chopping boards, furniture, and house building.

The grand old Tembusu tree at Singapore Botanical Gardens Lawn E probably predates the Gardens, having established itself naturally on the wasteland left by gambir planting before the site was acquired by the Botanic Gardens. This tree has been identified as a heritage tree and is featured on the Singapore $5 currency note and in postage stamps.

– For the love of the Tembusu, The Straits Times 9 June 2007.