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Artivision announces release of new application – Advision

Posted on 15 May 2011

The Board of Directors of Artivision Technologies Ltd. (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that the company has released a social-media application, Advision.

Advision utilizes Artivision’s patent-pending, advanced video and photo content-analysis capabilities and can empower people engaged in social website(s) with the ability to generate revenue from their online content. With Advision, users can upload their own videos to their Facebook page on their computers and be paid for each view. Advision displays advertisements on users’ content, and splits the advertisement revenue directly with the users. For the first time, users can receive money for content they upload to social media site(s). We have uploaded this application into Facebook. The Company wishes to advise that it has not entered into any commercial contract with Facebook at this point of time.

For more information please visit or at for our application, Advision. Shareholders are advised to exercise caution when dealing with the shares of the Company in relation to this announcement.