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Homegrown IP Telephony Start-up GNum Facilitates and Sponsors SMS Application of Tickets for SG50 National Day Parade

Posted on 15 May 2015

SINGAPORE, 15 May 2015 – Singaporeans can ballot for tickets for this year’s highly anticipated SG50 National Day Parade on August 9 2015 by SMS, a service sponsored by homegrown GNum Pte Ltd (“GNum”) which has pioneered a unique call service.

GNum has developed a patent-pending technology that allows calls from virtually any electronic device – PC, tablet and smart phones – to be routed to a user’s mobile phone without the need for a prior application download. GNum’s personalized URL (“call link”), allows you to convert your phone number into a URL, which can be shared easily, while retaining the privacy of one’s phone number.

For the first time, Singaporeans will be able to apply for tickets to Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebrations using SMS by specifying the location where they want to view the parades – either at the Padang, the Floating Platform or either location.

Members of the public can SMS their details to 8240 0050 to apply for tickets, using the following format:

“NRIC No.” “No.of Tickets 2/4/6″ “NDP/Preview” “SG/PR” “VENUE 0/1/2″ “NAME”
• To select the Padang, choose 1 for the venue
• To select the Floating Platform, choose 2 for the venue
• To select either location, choose 0 for the venue
Applicants will be notified via an SMS alert – powered by GNum – once the application has been received.

Mr. Alexandre Yokoyama, CEO of GNum, said, “We are delighted to contribute to Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebrations in a unique manner which leverages on a unique technology developed in Singapore. It is our way of thanking Singapore for the support that has allowed GNum grow.”


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About GNum Pte Ltd
A commercial spinoff of GlobalRoamTM Group Limited, GNum was established in 2014. Equipped with a patent-pending Personalized URL calling solution, GNum allows users to convert mobile phone numbers into a personalised URL, providing anonymity and privacy through its service. Users can use GNum to call either through a PC web browser or smartphone app. Users can call just by keying in the personalised name into the app. GNum provides international toll-free services for enterprises. Businesses can now receive calls from any part of the world with just a click on their call link, without a need for a prior application download from their customer.

GNum collaborates with telecommunication companies to provide reliable calls with exceptional quality. The company aims to connect the mobile world and the online world with its innovative international toll-free service, allowing people to receive call anytime, anywhere from name).

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