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REKA Health Establishes Strong Foothold in Europe and US Telehealth Markets

Posted on 2 Nov 2012

REKA Health Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based provider of mobile health technology products and services, announced that it has successfully established a strong foothold in major European and U.S. telehealth markets, providing patients and healthcare providers in these markets with access to its innovative telehealth solutions to improve care quality and facilitate remote health monitoring.

In Turkey, REKA Health has partnered with Teletip, Turkey’s leading provider of tele-medicine health services, and GSM operator Avea Telecom to launch the world’s first fully integrated GSM healthcare protection system at the Antalya Cardiology Congress. Marketed under the brand of DRCELL, the EKINOKS system is specially designed for patients’ home use and features REKA Health’s E100 ECG event recorder, marketed as DRCELL Kardiyo-Test in Turkey, as well as a glucose meter and blood pressure reader. The cutting-edge system is a significant breakthrough in the area of tele-medicine and looks set to further move the market towards an era of mass adoption.

Mr. Mehmet Karabag, CEO of Teletip, said, “We are proud to be associated with our partners REKA Health, a really trustable party with high-quality manufactured products as well as one of the big GSM operators, Avea, in manufacturing our new service, where we have engaged the latest technology and best practices for the benefit of all our customers.”

“Our development in Turkey constitutes part of our overall commercial success in Europe. Having established a significant market presence in Europe, we look forward next to further growing the business in the U.S. market and effectively serving customers in both regions,” said Mr. Tan Kae Yuan, CEO of REKA Health.

REKA Health Inc., the wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary, is located in San Diego, CA. “Our technology will contribute to patients and clinicians interacting in a timely, cost-effective way that will ultimately improve outcomes,” said Ron Richard, CEO of REKA Health Inc., a veteran leader in innovative medical devices and related technologies within the health care sector. “REKA products and services provide the health care system with an affordable and less intrusive approach to competing designs, which will improve compliance when using the products in the home care setting.”

In other news, REKA Health’s E100 has become the world’s first ECG event recorder to be approved by Apple under its MFi program. This qualification process certifies that the E100 is compatible with Apple’s iOS devices and meets all of its required performance standards.For maximum convenience, users can make use of REKA Health’s pocket-sized E100 on the go for remote and mobile cardiac monitoring. After recording an ECG, the user simply needs to connect the E100 to a mobile device such as the iPhone or iPad and use the supporting application to upload the ECG reading to REKA Health’s proprietary cloud platform. Healthcare providers who are located offsite can then remotely review their patients’ records and interact with them, offering feedback instantly. The E100 is also compatible with PC, Mac as well as other smartphone systems, such as the Android and iOS systems.

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