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REKA Health Pte Ltd is Tembusu Growth Fund II’s Second Investment

Posted on 24 Feb 2011

Tembusu Partners, a leading Pan Asia private equity fund manager, is pleased to announce a new investment in REKA Health Pte Ltd (“REKA Health” or “Company”). Led by Mr Tan Kae Yuan, REKA Health develops, produces and markets a suite of consumer products that specifically addresses the Mobile Health ( i.e., Telemedicine, Remote Health, Web Medicine) industry. The Company’s flagship product, the E100, is a single-lead electrocardiogram (“ECG”) event recorder that enables cardiac patients to upload their ECG records to the cloud, where cardiologists can remotely access for immediate diagnosis and further action.

Through its third fund vehicle, Tembusu Growth Fund II Ltd, Tembusu invested S$4 million in the Company as it executes its business plan and commercializes its portfolio of existing and future products. REKA Health is also in the midst of hiring a key business development executive in the United States, who will help expedite the launch, marketing sales and operations in the United States. As part of the investment, Mr Mahim Chellappa (Principal at Tembusu Partners) will sit on the Company’s Board as a non-executive Director. “Tembusu Partners is very excited to be investing in RekaHealth, a company that is well positioned to be a leader in the Mobile Health industry,” Mr Chellappa said. “Mobile Health is attractive given how consumers are becoming increasingly proactive in managing their personal health and wellbeing. This is indeed a global dynamic and Kae Yuan’s impressive technologies and pipeline will continue to address the needs of this growing consumer base.”

Mr Tan said, “This investment in REKA Health by Tembusu is a tremendous boost to the company, and represents an endorsement to the team that we are on the right path. I believe the synergies between REKAHealth and Tembusu Partners will allow us to expedite and realise our vision of improving healthcare efficiencies and reduce healthcare costs with our proprietary mobile healthcare technology solutions especially in the market of chronic diseases.”