Hum Sin Hoon

Prof Hum Sin Hoon obtained his B. Commerce and B. Engineering (Hons I) as a Colombo Plan Scholar from the University of Newcastle, Australia. He received his PhD in Production/Operations Management from the University of California, Los Angeles, USA.

Prof Hum had earlier served as the Dean of the NUS Business School. After several years, Prof Hum is back into the deanery and is currently serving as the Deputy Dean of the School. In between, he has also served as the co-Executive Dean of the NUS-Fudan University Joint Graduate School that was being setup in Suzhou, China.

Prior to joining the University, Prof Hum worked as a Systems Engineer in the Ministry of Defence and participated in several studies aimed at optimizing the use of various types of training resources and systems. He has also conducted executive teaching and served as a consultant to many public and private organizations, especially in the areas of Balanced Scorecard design and implementation, Supply Chain Management, and Operations Research application. Prof Hum’s most current work is in the area of building Collaboration, as in his recently published book entitled Zheng He’s Art of Collaboration.